Join us for a range of hands-on workshops hosted by GC & HuFriedy.

Workshops: Morning 9am - 12pm, Afternoon 1pm - 4pm

Amanda Tomlin - HuFriedy

  • Ergonomics & Edges - A Practical Approach to Hand & Scaler Health
  • Presented at all venues
Paulette Smith - GC
  • Perfecting the Posterior Restoration
  • Presented at Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra 

Options & Inclusions: Choose to attend one or both workshops.  If you're attending both workshops, no lunch will be provided.  A light morning tea/afternoon tea will be available; please ensure you make arrangements for lunch.

Cost: $150 per workshop - ADOHTA members only

DHAA members are to register via the DHAA website

Workshops are limited to 20 attendees - register today.

CPD: Each workshop will be 3 hours scientific CPD

Registration: To register please click on a date above

 We look forward to seeing you at one of our locations around Australia in 2023.

Workshop 1 - Ergonomics & Edges

A Practical Approach to Hand and Scaler Health

A relaxed, informal and interactive session highlighting the fundamentals behind instrument sharpening practice and the ground - breaking technology & design of the new Harmony Ergonomic Handle.

In this session we will discuss the importance of hand ergonomics, advantages of using sharp periodontal instruments, how to evaluate sharpness and review manual & automated sharpening techniques in a practical setting. We will also have a short exercise session involving body ergonomics – so please wear comfortable clothes. This workshop includes a complimentary instrument sharpening card.

Proudly presented by HuFriedyGroup - Amanda Tomlin

Workshop 2 - Perfecting the Posterior Restoration

This course will provide clinical information on material selection options and placement techniques for posterior restorations, including simple solutions for managing the challenges of adhesive dentistry. Participants will complete both class I and class II posterior restorations utilising a combination of new glass hybrid materials and next generation resin adhesive and composite materials. This workshop includes a complimentary Toothmousse and GC cow plush toy. 

PROGRAM Learning Objectives:

  • Material selection options and placement techniques for direct posterior restorations
  • Matrix Selection, creating the ideal contact
  • Simplified technique for re-creating occlusal anatomy
Proudly presented by GC - Paulette Smith

Your Presenters

Biography: Amanda Tomlin (HuFriedyGroup)

Graduating from Perth Dental Hospital in 1987, Amanda is a Dental Professional with over 30 years’ experience in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. As Country Manager with HuFriedyGroup she possesses firsthand knowledge of both patient and clinical needs, a role she has held for the past 9 years.

Possessing breadth of experience across Periodontics, Surgical, Ortho, Restorative, General Dentistry, and Infection Control, she is frequently requested to present to Dentists, Clinicians, Universities and Government Departments, along with industry groups

A member of ADIA & Australian Dental Research Foundation Fundraising Committee; she also has a special interest in education, having helped shape future instrument processing knowledge utilising IMS cassettes, well ahead of industry standards or expectations.

Biography: Paulette Smith (GC)

Paulette graduated from the University of Adelaide with an Advanced Diploma in Dental Therapy (high distinction) and has spent over twelve years working in both private practice and in the public sector, with a focus on preventive dentistry and oral health education.

Paulette joined GC Australasia Dental over ten years ago in a sales and clinical education training role including facilitating hands on workshops.  She has also been fortunate to participate in several international hands on courses focusing on aesthetic restorative dentistry and fibre technology.