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In 1987 the ACTDTA (ACT Dental Therapists Association) was formed, now known as ADOTHA ACT Branch Inc.

A major achievement involving the ACT branch was a landmark decision when Commissioner Lewin handed down his findings in 1990, recognising ACT dental therapists as professional officers.  Before this decision ACT dental therapist were not recognised as health professionals.  This decision brought us in line with physiotherapists and psychologists.  

This decision paved the way for other states and territories to gain the same recognition.  Dental therapists were the last health profession in Australia to be recognised as allied health professionals.

ADOTHA ACT Branch hosted the 3rd International ADOTHA conference in conjunction with ADOTHA in August 2012.  This conference was a great success with over 300 in attendance from every state and territory in Australia and six countries represented.

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