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An association was established for NSW School Dental Therapists in the mid 1970’s and was known as the New South Wales Dental Therapist Association (DTA of NSW).

The name changed in 2007 to accurately reflect the progression of Dental Therapy to Oral Health Therapy when the Bachelor of Oral Health courses and programs were provided at university. The association would then be known as the New South Wales Dental and Oral Health Therapists’ Association Inc. or NSW DOHTA until 2013.
Previously the Executive Committee consisted of 7 members representing the organisation in a variety of forums across the state. 

With the introduction of national amalgamation in 2014 the NSW executive committee and its members voted to change the name to the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists’ Association – New South Wales Inc. (ADOHTA-NSW).

The executive committee currently consists of 9 members and is responsible for managing the affairs of the association in accordance with its constitution and the law on behalf of its members.
ADOHTA-NSW works collaboratively with stakeholders to provide information and guidance in regards to Dental and Oral Health Therapists including tertiary education, job expert opinion and state oral health committees.

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  • Emily Smith NSW
  • Michelle Davidson
  • Trolisa Knudsen
  • Maria Pana NSW
  • Clare McGeachie
  • William McGeachie
  • Erini Samaan NSW General Executive

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