Your Oral Health

Your Oral Health can affect both physical and emotional well-being as it impacts on diet and nutrition, speech, appearance and personal relationships. There are strong links between diseases of the mouth and other illnesses.  Dental decay and gum disease are largely preventable through good oral hygiene and dietary habits. 

 A selection of oral health care and dietary advice are available from the links below. 

Oral Health for Infants and Toddlers
Oral Health for Children 3-12
Oral Health for Teens and 20's
What is Good Oral Hygiene
Caries Free Teeth for a Healthy Smile
Eligibility Public Dental Children
  Kids Dental Care Promoting Good At-School Habits
Brushing and Flossing Around Braces
Oral Health for Sensitive Teeth
What to Know about Dry Mouth

What is Molar Hypomin?

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