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The ANZJDOHT is the official journal of Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapist Association (ADOHTA) and the New Zealand Dental and Oral Health Therapist Association (NZDOHTA) and is the product of a merge of the ADOHTA and NZDTA journals, both of which have been individually published for over 20 years.

First published in 2012, the ANZ Journal of DOHT publishes research, current ideas, opinions and developments relating to the practice of dental and oral health therapy in Australia and internationally.
The journal is produced by an Editorial Board comprising members of faculty of each of the Bachelor of Oral Health programs in Australia and New Zealand and practising members of the professions with the assistance of a prestigious and diverse panel of academic and practitioner expert reviewers.

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The content is peer reviewed to ensure that the quality of published material meets the standards required by the dental and oral health therapy professions. Authors are encouraged to submit articles that reflect current practice, debate, research, issues and problems for dental and oral health therapy. Clinical case studies, book reviews, letters to the editor, essays of academic standard, literature and evidence reviews and original research articles are encouraged for submission to:

Professor Julie Satur

The Melbourne Dental School
720 Swanston Street Melbourne 3010

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