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ADOHTA's proud to support yearly Student University Awards and also contributes to various student body events.  Any requests for support must be applied for by using the online form below, which are reviewed by the Board at the next available meeting.


To advise us of all student award recipients, please email and with the following details:

              • Recipient name
              • Award name
              • Date awarded
              • Where complimentary membership applies, recipient contact information (email and/or phone)  

 University  Award  Year Recipient 
 University of Melbourne (VIC) Academic Excellence BOH Program 2013  Nicolletta Karagiannidis
   2014 Emily Carpenter
   2015 Hannah Kousari
   2016 Elisha Yong
   2017 Rubab Batool
   2018 Simon Chiem
   2019 Tina Vuong
   2020 Thuy Le
  2021  Mina Soleimani
 Dimitrios Parascos
 University of Melbourne (VIC) Grad Cert in DT (Advanced Clinical Practice) 2016 Thoa Tran
   2017 Tanele Keighran
   2018 Emily Carpenter
   2019 No course this year
   2020 Bree Jones
   2021 Isabelle Sayers
   2022 Hayley Bichan
 La Trobe University (VIC) BOH Award for outstanding clinical skills, academic performance  and a positive role model skills in final year. 2014 Quor Ten-Teh
   2015 Alison Wark
   2016 Cristiano Decampio
   2017 Lisa Mellere
   2018 Zalak Desai
   2019 Suzanne Lovell
   2020 Barbara Elbagdady
   2021 Julia Van
   2022 Cindy Lam
 University of Queensland (QLD) Oral Health Therapy  2013 Ashleigh Murray
   2014 Nicole Cockburn
   2015 Emma Bowtell
   2016 Paula Souvannavong
  Program Ceased  
 Central Queensland University (QLD) Highest Grade in BOralH Program 2014 Lisa Nguyen
   2015 Katherine Brown
   2016 Liza Pretorious
   2017 Kathryn Rigg
   2018 Julie-Ann Gleeson
   2020 Alexandra Forbes
 Lilith Third
 Griffith University (QLD)Highest Grade in Bachelor of Dental Hygiene Program 2022 Lisa Nguyen
 Charles Sturt University (NSW) Award for Outstanding Professionalism 2014 Meghana Pai
   2015 Kimberley Smithson
   2016 Sarah Aisbett
   2019 Christine Ciar
   2020 Thi Lan Truong 
   2021 Jasmin Ford
   2022 Supuni Mabula
  Award for Outstanding Performance in the   Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy and   Hygiene) 2020 Amanda Tohme 
   2021 Ellen Thomas
   2022 Lauren Mulholland
 University of Sydney (NSW) Highest in Clinical and Academic   Performance 2014 Tan George Nguyen
   2015 Darpana Hasji
   2016 Laura Hedges
   2017 Melissa Arbabi
   2018 Subin Hur
   2019 Karen To
   2021 Christel Zimmerman
 Warwick Edwards
 University of Newcastle (NSW) Grad Dip in DT Professionalism (Kathleen   Cusick Award) 2014 Hadel Zito
   2015 David Cotton
   2016 Prudence McHugh
   2017 Adriana Glisic
   2018 Lauren Lane
   2019 Cassandra Whyllie
   2020 Jennifer Hoang
   2021 Karen Zhang
 Curtin University (WA) Most Outstanding 1st Year Student 2017 Jemima Ng
   2018 Miriam Keller
   2019 Sarita Mardania
   2020 Mackenzie Greene 
   2021 Beth Archibald
 RMIT Academic Excellence Winner 2015 Stacey Maiorino
 University of Adelaide (SA) BOH Student - Excellence in studies and leadership skills. (2nd Year) 2015 William Carlson-Jones
  BOH Student - Most Outstanding (3rd Year)  


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